Why Choose SolidWorks Simulation?

SOLIDWORKS offers a comprehensive suite of simulation packages SolidWorks Simulation Standard, Professional, Premium to set up virtual real-world environments so you can test your product designs before manufacture. Test against a broad range of parameters during the design process – like durability, static and dynamic response, the motion of assembly – to evaluate design performance and improve quality and safety. 

SOLIDWORKS simulation suite ensures the quality and performance of your design before you commit to production. Comprehensive analysis tools let you, test models, digitally for valuable technical insight early in the design process. With the information you obtain, you can easily determine methods to reduce weight and material costs, improve durability and manufacturability, optimize margins, and compare design alternatives to best meet specific customer requirements.

Get to know about SolidWorks Simulation


  • Evaluate the performance of multiple variables at a rapid pace. 
  • Reduces time-to-market by quickly determining optimal design solutions.
  • Predicts product performance, Factor of Safety (FOS), and fatigue capabilities early-on in the process. 

  • Reduces materials cost. SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables design teams to safely remove unnecessary material. 

  • By virtually testing and refining your designs first, the costly testing and certification process is streamlined reducing your time-to-market.